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Bad show...

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 13, 2008 2:01 pm

Hi people, its perfectly alright to complain about a show... that is how a good show promoter learns. If they are a good show promoter they learn from the good comments and the bad comments. Well, here is a show I am complaining about. I was a little broke this month and agreed to go face paint at the garden and home show running the weekend of April 12, Saturday. I thought I would learn about this show which has been running for 20 years plus and it might give me a little cash... besides I love face painting the kids. Anyway, I found out the vendors inside paid 700 for booth space and most were not making it back. They had been required to be there on Thursday and Friday and there was hardly any traffic. There was more on Saturday but not much more. Needless to say the vendors weren't happy. What was wrong? Well, maybe not enough flowers and too many weird vendors not associated with the theme of the show, to pricey booths, and the fact that it was the same type of show that had been at the Denver Convention Center a month before (and that was a better show), cheap looking draping too. Be careful with this one folks...........

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