Homeless Veteran Benefit Hot Dog and Brat Stand

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Homeless Veteran Benefit Hot Dog and Brat Stand

Post by Randlin Homes on Mon Oct 13, 2008 5:07 am

We have just started our new Hot Dog and Brat Stand in Wausau Wisconsin to help our homeless veterans. We also offer a residential educational enterprise program for those who the courts have referred for alternatives to incarceration. We have been blessed to have an experienced concessionaire decide to get out of the Carnival he was traveling with and start something new for himself. He walked in to our first event week and has now taken over our new business that will bring revenue to our organization instead of depending on grants and government to support us.

I am writing grants to help with start up and I need reasonable projections and documentation from professionals who are out there to tell me what we can make as a new vendor. David said that it was realistic to make $10,000 in a week. I had heard that from another concessionnaire but most people don't believe that is net and that's what I need to know.

We are planning a simple menu of quality hot dogs and bratwurst and will be working 7-8 fairs in the Wisconsin area. Preferably North Central. What can you experienced folks share with me to help us in these efforts?

Randlin Homes

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